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Las redes ya se empiezan a vestir de Fiesta, e Instagram no es la excepción. El adviento comenzó y te muestro algunos calendarios que podemos encontrar en esta red que te encantarán, para que puedas hacer con tus niños.

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This year I’m focusing the kids on experiences and crafts with this advent calendar I picked up. I’m going to write a little note in each box for them to read each day. Below is the list I have put together. I still need to add a couple of things, let me know if you have any goods ideas! 1. Decorate the Christmas tree 2. Write letter to Santa and post it 3. Meet Santa 4. Take family Christmas photos (including some silly ones) 5. Borrow Christmas stories from the library 6. Make paper snowflakes 7. Donate a present to a charity tree 8. Wrap presents for family and friends. 9. Make a wreath for the front door 10. Make Christmas cards for friends and family 11. Read Christmas stories 12. Watch a Christmas movie 13. See the houses decorated in Christmas lights 14. Play a game as a family 15. Deliver cookies to the neighbours 16. Pick a special ornament for the tree 17. Cook Christmas cookies 18. Collect pinecones 19. Colour in the Christmas colouring book 20. Make saltdough decorations 21. Go to the Christmas carols 22. Make Christmas skype calls to our family overseas • • • • • #christmas2017 #adventcalendar #creativechristmas #magicofchildhood #adventcalendar2017 #adventcalender #thebloomforum #documentyourdays #camera_mama #ourcandidlife #simplychildren #momtogs #inbeautyandchaos #christmaswithkids #heaventhrumylens #beyondthewonderlust #motherhoodrising #honestmotherhood#beyondthewanderlust #christmasplanning #motherhoodunplugged #dailyparenting#adventcalendars #thatauthenticfeeling #ourchildrenphoto
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